What size generator do I need?
The size of the generator, measured in Kilowatt (KW) capacity, depends entirely on how much electrical load it is being asked to carry. Before we recommend a specific size generator, we do a “load test” to see how many KW’s are needed to keep your home functioning, at your level of comfort,  in the event of a power outage.

How much noise does the generator make?
In a sound-attenuated housing, a Kohler® generator makes less noise than an air conditioning condenser or swimming pool equipment. All our installations comply with Nantucket’s noise bylaws. Moreover, we have designed a housing specifically suited to withstand the corrosive salt air, fog, and buffeting winds of Nantucket’s maritime climate.

Will the generator come on automatically in the event of a power outage?
With the installation of an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) the generator will come on within seconds of a Town power failure and will shut off, automatically, after Town power is restored. In addition, a Kohler® generator exercises itself once a week to keep limber for an emergency.

How long will the generator keep running?
A Kohler® generator will continue to supply stable, uninterrupted power for as long as it is needed: minutes, hours, or days, whether you are home or away.

What kind of fuel does the generator use?
Kohler® generators can be made to run on either diesel or propane gas, but on Nantucket, propane is almost always the first choice of fuel.

Who will service the generator?
We will. We are here, on-island, year-round, never more than 25 minutes away, and we consider service to be as important as sales. Our technicians are factory trained and Kohler® certified. However, if you already own a generator that is not a Kohler®, we can help you with  another brand, as well. Generators are our business.